Monday, 30 November 2009

Roll up, Roll up, Grand Opening!

Roxy and I piled her car up with all the picnic rugs, cushions and throws on Saturday and drove up to Kings X. The pop-up shop at 9 Caledonian Road, a stones throw from the station and next to a rather tasteful sex shop and The Radical Bookshop was still in the process of being transformed - Kristie and her team were there in the red and white candystriped interior painting and nailing. The vintage furniture was already in place and the cocktail bar (which apparently was from the set of a Clint Eastwood movie!) - we are looking forward to seeing it in all its glory on Saturday at the opening party. This is from 6pm to midnight if anyone can make it! The shop itself will be open from 3rd Dec to 20th Dec every Thurs-Sunday. There are about 14 or more different craftspeople/makers wares on sale as well as facilities to make and do yourself - or just eat and drink! After handing everything over and browsing next door in the Radical Bookshop - everything in the basement £1!! and some very interesting small circulation magazines ("One Grey Eye" - short stories of strange and lost London being one - which I am now going to subscribe to... very interesting!) unusual books and t-shirts too ("Legalize Conkers" - had to get that one)... we carried on up to London Fields and Broadway Market - popped into our friend Mairead's flower shop "Rebel Rebel" to find her and her partner Athena recovering from a night of cocktails and dancing - effortlessly and artfully putting together fabulous bouquets of things like Snapdragons and fresh mint with deep red roses... the shop smelt wonderful! out into Broadway Market, stalls selling a huge array of handmade cakes and pies and delicious food, and handmade lovely things. See the cards I collected for details! The shops lining the street were also very different and vibrant. We had a wonderful day and want to go back there more often... so much to see ...

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