Saturday, 18 July 2009

Making a path through the forest of fabric.

We were given a huge mountain of fabulous velvet and satin from Mairead who has a funky florists in the East End, "Rebel Rebel "- used for displays purposes by her we think - and spent a day emptying cupboards of unused childrens' art materials (dried up paintpots, glue, feltpens etc) and filling them with our new stash. Then I have tackled my little sewing room - my sanctuary - which I was unable to enter due to the chaos of the past two weeks making stuff for our stall last weekend. I had to bring some order, in order to find anything. After starting at the doorway I worked my way into the room and have attempted to colourcode cottons into a storage system! Hurrah! how long it will last I don't know but I have good intentions (and we all know where that road leads to......!) - so now nearly ready to actually start some stitching - got lots of ideas. And the great news is that we applied for a stall at BUST magazine's summer craftacular on 22nd August at York House, Bethnal Green and were accepted. So now we really must get cracking - two weeks are out because of summer holidays - to make more cushions and some sofa throws. I post a photo of my bargain of last weekend - a lovely dark green leather sewing box full of lovely things a fiver! and the rescued teddy - about to be properly revived.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Keeping the ball rolling........

Screenprinted onto calico.

"Butter me up in the buttercups" with serving suggestion wicker picnic hamper.

Close up of detail on "Butter me up in the buttercups" picnic blanket.

Rescued and Revived stall at Barnes Fair 11th July 2009.

Having a rest from sewing to catch up on all things housework and family related - my fingers are itching for stitching ! We have a commission for a wallhanging to think about at the moment - very exciting. Managed a little excursion to some charity shops for supplies, lovely old wool blankets and embroidered things (stained but usuable) and a slightly sad but still smiling charmingly at me from a basket of old toys - teddy - not old but so well-loved his nose is bald from kissing and his fur all matted and curled. 50p - how could I resist -I had to rescue him! and I will revive him by giving him a little knitted tanktop and a Rescued and Revived Ltd label and use him as a prop for cushions etc. - look out for him.

Monday, 13 July 2009

We are Rescued and Revived Ltd

We are two English ladies who love all things tactile and textile. We both inherited vast collections of fabric and trimmings and haberdashery from our Grandmothers/Mothers and have decided to stop kibbling about and set up a business pursuing our enthusiasm for creating beautiful things from rescued materials. We love to rummage at bootfairs and charity shops to add to our stash . On 11th July 2009 we unveiled our collection of adult outdoor pursuit blankets/lovers' blankets made from rescued vintage wool blankets and fabric appliqued with quirky phrases. We also made some cushions from vintage wool blankets and embroidered linen trayclothes. These were, to our delight, very well received and we are completely enthused and have lots more of ideas in the pipeline including sofa throws to keep you warm in winter.