Monday, 13 July 2009

We are Rescued and Revived Ltd

We are two English ladies who love all things tactile and textile. We both inherited vast collections of fabric and trimmings and haberdashery from our Grandmothers/Mothers and have decided to stop kibbling about and set up a business pursuing our enthusiasm for creating beautiful things from rescued materials. We love to rummage at bootfairs and charity shops to add to our stash . On 11th July 2009 we unveiled our collection of adult outdoor pursuit blankets/lovers' blankets made from rescued vintage wool blankets and fabric appliqued with quirky phrases. We also made some cushions from vintage wool blankets and embroidered linen trayclothes. These were, to our delight, very well received and we are completely enthused and have lots more of ideas in the pipeline including sofa throws to keep you warm in winter.

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